Perfect Quality

The spirit of Jp Cubic




Mastering the true value of quality

Manufacturing policy: We strive to manufacture products free of defects with a production system that immediately detects any quality issues to minimize them.Inspection policy: Our measurements are conducted without errors and variances and will detect any quality issues.We have developed a system to improve the accuracy of quality control and assurance from both the manufacturing and inspection facets.Moreover, based on this system, we work to enhance quality assurance in regulations, standardization, human resource development, and environmental improvement.


Taking all elements to the highest level

Quality is defined by the accuracy of human skills, equipment, tools, machinery, operational framework, environment, and organization.
We pursue professionalism in all elements related to accuracy in quality.
We continue to strive to perfect the accuracy of our measurements, control, and assurance.


Taking accuracy in quality assurance to
the next level

We boast a wide variety of the latest inspection equipment to run various tests of measurement, observation, analysis, and investigation.
Additionally, we use high-accuracy tools and jigs for measurements.
We make sure that the measurement environment is well maintained and that routine inspections and calibrations of the measuring instruments are conducted without fail.


We work to improve the abilities, knowledge, and mindset of all personnel in sales, engineering, manufacturing, and inspection.


We are equipped with high performance, state-of-the-art measurement instruments to handle a wide variety of measurements with high precision.


We work to improve the accuracy of four elements––human skills, products, environment, and operational framework––and build control and assurance systems to approach perfect quality.


We control the temperature and humidity of our machine room, finishing room, and inspection room.
Moreover, we have a dedicated high-precision processing room that is kept at a constant temperature room, maintained within ± 0.5℃ throughout the year.



Pre-processing Examination

We consider the processing, equipment, work process, and measurement factors according to the technological and qualitative requirements. We will also establish control factors for the machining processes as well as the methods and standards of measurement.


Mock Testing for Processing

We will examine the quality level of the dimensional accuracy, shape, and appearance as well as validate the integrity of machining conditions and processing methods.
We will also verify any issues of matters established during the pre-processing examinations.


Official Production

Quality inspection is conducted after each processing task.
(Confirmation of error compared with mock testing, error compared with target values, and variance in accuracy)


Manufacturing Inspections

Quality inspection for dimensional accuracy, shape, and appearance is conducted for the finalized products.
We will also check for any variance in the measurements against the product mock-up.


Shipment Inspection

Final inspection performed by our inspection staff.
The scope of inspection will include checking the quality of the dimensional accuracy, shape, and/or appearance; inspection conducted only during strengthening and/or block processing; and confirmation of variance for key dimensions.

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